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The heart of our studio.

Meet Our Team

We have a dynamic and welcoming team of people that await you in-studio. Our community of teachers bring years of experience and expertise to share with the Mount Horeb community. They love to connect and are happy to answer any questions that you may have about your practice.

Meet Sarah Goldsmith


Sarah Goldsmith

Growing up in a family of dancers and dance instructors, and beginning ballet myself at a very young age, I was introduced early on to the importance of self expression through movement. I always appreciated how dance made me feel mentally and physically. When I went to my very first yoga class, I had a vision in my mind of what it would all look like. I would be flowing through poses to peaceful music. Moving my body in ways that were familiar to me. What I actually experienced in the studio that day, was much more powerful than my body or mind had anticipated. I strongly believe that I left that studio a different person. It was a pivotal moment for me.Over the years, yoga has become not just a physical practice, but a way of life for me. I began to realize that yoga is truly a gift I want to share with others. Attaining my 200 hour yoga teacher training coarse further solidified this. One of the styles of yoga I am most excited to teach is children’s yoga. I believe children benefit from mindfulness and yoga just as much as adults do and I look forward to guiding their young minds on this beautiful journey. I am grateful to learn continuously and be a forever student of yoga. I look forward to being a part of this amazing community in such a way that we can learn and grow together. My desire is to create a space for students that feels inclusive and safe. I encourage you to come as you are and be ready to connect with your mind and body on a deeper level.

Love and light.

Meet Kari Mueller


Kari Mueller

My passion for movement began at a young age. From my early childhood on into my high school years, I was an avid gymnast. Seeking a fitness routine that would continue to build strength but also maintain my flexibility I decided to try yoga. At that first class I took back in 2006, in a small studio in San Diego, I had no idea what I was doing and I mimicked my way through the 60 minutes. But during Savasana, with the sound of collective breathing reverberating in the room, something shifted. I was overtaken by the power of this shared experience and I left feeling lighter and more connected – to myself, and to others. I was hooked.

As my practice deepened over the years, it started to become clear that yoga was more than just a personal passion — it was my calling. I wanted to share the incredible feeling of empowerment and presence that I have experienced from yoga with as many people as possible. As such, through self-inquiry, physical practice, and a 200-hour yoga teacher training course, I gained the tools to bring this practice to my community with confidence. It is my honor to teach yoga and to learn and grow with my students as we create community and connection through this powerful practice. I am to incorporate a combination of athleticism, playfulness, and creativity in my classes while providing a continuous and congruent flow. My intention is that students leave class feeling empowered in such a way that it ripples into all areas of their lives.

Meet Debra Ballweg


Debra Ballweg

My yoga and meditation practice over 25 years ago as a Social Studies teacher. The stresses and strains of teaching can be daunting. Yoga and meditation brought clarity to my teaching, so much so, that I began to share my practice with my students and fellow teachers. During this time I completed the 200 RYT through Breathe For Change (2016), an organization which focuses on teaching yoga and mindfulness to K-12 teachers in order to bring their benefits into the classroom. I found that after my retirement I wanted to continue teaching yoga; and so my journey continued. My passion is to share my love of yoga and its benefits with others as I have seen my life philosophy grow and change through the practice. The classes I teach are designed for all ages and body shapes. When not teaching I am spending time with my loving husband Sid, our two daughters and five grandchildren. I love to garden, read, and ride on the back of my husband’s motorcycle across the U. S., taking my travel yoga mat with me.

Meet Arlo Paust


Arlo Paust

I gradually became involved with yoga after taking my first class over fifteen years ago. When living in a large city, it became a needed release from all the tension of hustle and bustle. Yoga become my therapist. Spending time with me in my own body. Paying attention to what my body needs and realizing that I should give my one and only physical manifestation the ability to be open, centered, grounded, and full of light. The mind and body connection has always felt magical and enlightening and I enjoy sharing this experience with others, helping them to find paths of peace and fulfillment, simply by taking time to reflect on the beautiful powers we possess. I have always been interested in the roots of life and I bring this to my classes with a focus on the foundations and alignment of poses. My training is rooted in Hatha, Iyengar, and Vinyasa traditions with a 200 hr training at Greenhouse Holistic in Brooklyn, NY. I believe everybody can and should practice yoga. Our poses will not all look the same, but we can all get the same fulfillment. I am a sixth generation rural Mount Horeb area resident. In my other lives I am a historian, picture framer, Community Kitchen Co-op co-founder, and air farmer (aka fermentation aficionado).

Meet LeAnn Haroldson


LeAnn Haroldson

Fitness is a deep-rooted journey for me and one in which I am a lifelong learner.

Growing up, I was a fair athlete. I enjoyed the competition and being a part of a team. I won some, I lost some, but I always had fun and always stayed active.

Fast forward a “few” years into my teaching practice and I told my husband that there were
students in the class who knew more than me. He reminded me that, as a teacher, I don’t need to
be the best practitioner, but I should strive to be the best coach. (Then he threw in a basketball reference that went over my head.) I enjoy practicing but I get the most fulfillment out of seeing students achieve goals they never
thought possible. That might be developing a consistent practice or that might be getting into a
specific pose. Whatever your goals, I look forward to leading you to them.

I have practiced and been a Barre instructor, a cycling instructor, and a group fitness instructor
since 2009. Adding a yoga teacher certification was a goal of mine that I finally achieved in
March of 2022. I completed Foundations training and Power Flow training through Inner Fire
Yoga. With the help of good teachers, I was able to accomplish things I had only dreamed I
could accomplish. (Hello, arm balances and inversions!) I look forward to being a teacher who
can help you achieve your goals, too.

Meet Shannon Elliott-Chalgren


Shannon Elliott-Chalgren

Shannon is a Mount Horeb resident, and regular student at The Yoga Space, who has practiced yoga since 2007.

She started Restorative Yoga teacher training with Svaroopa Yoga in 2008 and recently completed Hatha Yoga teacher training in 2022.

Shannon is a lifelong learner, advocate, boundary setting mama who is committed to being present in her community while cultivating relationships.

Meet Marca Calvo


Marca Calvo

Marca has 25-years of experience practicing and teaching yoga. She is an alignment-based teacher who uses various props like blocks, blankets, straps, chairs, and bolsters to help the practitioner optimize the experience of their poses.  She teaches individuals of all abilities and enjoys sharing her passion for this healing art with others. 

Meet Erin O'Brien


Erin O’Brien

Erin has been practicing yoga since 1999 and teaching since 2003. Her training consists of 200-hour & 500-hour certification through Alignment Yoga, Yoga for Disabilities through MindBody Solutions, Prenatal Yoga through Yogaview Chicago, and Aerial Yoga training through Unnata Aerial Yoga. In addition to her yoga training, she’s also taken coursework in meditation with Jack Kornfield, Ethan Nichtern, and Sharon Salzberg.  The last decade or so has shifted both her practice and her teaching towards developing a deeper awareness and understanding of the unique systems of the body and the importance of incorporating them to create a synergistic practice.  These modalities include study of the lymphatic system and Vagus nerve with Dr. Perry Nickelston, Polyvagal Theory with Deb Dana, and breathwork with Patrick McKeown and Jennifer Snowden.

Meet Colleen Condon

Colleen loves walking off her yoga mat and into the world upright and glowing, centered in her heart and her knowing. When she lets her body be moved by her breath and natural rhythms, she feels Free. Whole. Open. Connected. Strong. Clear. Classes with Colleen are explorations of the light within, the heart’s power, the breath’s refreshing cleanse, and the pure joy of movement.

Colleen’s class philosophy comes from her personal journey. Colleen’s intentional practice of yoga and mindfulness began twenty years ago while in Sri Lanka. After completing her master’s in social work and working as a school social worker, yoga kept leading her to remember her heart’s essence and her inner ability to heal. After 10 years of practicing with Lisa O’Connor, Colleen began traveling throughout Dane County spreading the magic of yoga to kids and families as a little om BIG OM instructor. She then completed her 200-hour RYT through Ritam School of Healing Arts with Saul David Raye in the style of Atma (Soul) Yoga. Colleen feels called to share this style of Atma Yoga, the sweetness of experiencing our true essence, as well as the possibilities of neuroplasticity. With intentional practices, our neural pathways, brains, bodies, and hearts can transform- and we can experience more harmony and freedom in ourselves, relationships, daily living, and the planet. 

When Colleen isn’t on the mat, you might find her on the dirt of a forest floor practicing yoga with the trees. Forest bathing, trail running, and dancing through the woods of Blue Mounds keep Colleen refreshed, nourished, and full. Her sons and husband help her every day to learn, grow, give thanks, apologize, forgive, and embrace!

Meet Nora Hill


Nora Hill

Ten years ago, I was introduced to yoga by an off-the-cuff recommendation by one of my physiology students. She suggested I try an Inner Fire hot yoga class at the most opportune time possible. Neck-deep in graduate studies, I was struggling to decide what I wanted out of life both personally and professionally (weighty thoughts at 25.) I was desperately in need of a rutter to navigate my life.

Yoga provided this and so much more. I adored the heat, postures, and most importantly the community at IF since my first class. By committing to a regular practice, I quickly noticed the positive changes in my life which I can only honestly attribute to yoga. First, my head cleared. I was able to decide what mattered most to me in multiple spheres of my life and how I would like to chart my course. I believe mind, body, and spirit are intrinsically interconnected and as my body both relaxed and strengthened, so did my mind and soul.

As the dust settled, an almost daily practice allowed me to become more introspective, deliberate, and compassionate in my moment to moment being. Now, I cannot imagine my life without yoga whether that practice is in a studio or in our living room. The simple and profound joys yoga has helped me to allow into my life inspire me to teach. I hope I can pay these gifts forward to the yogis in my classes.

I firmly believe every yogi is their own best teacher and it is my humble privilege to hold the relative title of teacher. However, I proudly admit I learn far more from my ‘students’ than they do from me. I hope through a reassuring, positive, and mirthful presence, yogis who practice with me are able to find their own bliss both on and off their mats.

I was trained by the talented team at Inner Fire through their 200-hour teaching training (Foundations and Power Flow modules in Fall 2015/Winter 2016 (Joan Bliefernicht) and Sculpt Flow training (Spring 2016, Julie Logue, 20 hours.) I have continued my education with satellite conferences (Mindful Strength Essentials with Kathryn Bruni-Young 14 hours June 2020, 14 hours,) (Ana Forrest Workshop with Moksha Yoga 25 hours, May 2019) . I will be attending Yin training this Fall and hope to begin my 500-hour training quite soon as well.