Our Studio

Let’s practice together.

Our Vision

At The Yoga Space, connection is at the heart of everything we do. Whether it’s connecting mind to body, breath to movement or individuals to their community, our mission is to fuel happiness through connection.


Our spacious Mount Horeb studio offers a clean, bright and welcoming space for students of all experience levels. With a wide variety of class styles, and a well-rounded class schedule, we offer something for everyone, and every-body. Absolute beginners and advanced practitioners alike are welcomed to our studio with so much love.


We can’t wait to meet you, we can’t wait to practice together.

Our Founders

Co-founders, Sarah Goldsmith and Kari Mueller, are both Mount Horeb residents, dedicated yoga practitioners and RYT® 200 certified yoga teachers. The Yoga Space was born out of their strong, shared desire for Mount Horeb to have its own community-based yoga studio. They are driven by the belief that shared experiences drive social connection, and social connection fuels happiness and health.

Kari (left) and Sarah (right)

Meet Sarah


Sarah Goldsmith

Growing up in a family of dancers and dance instructors, and beginning ballet myself at a very young age, I was introduced early on to the importance of self expression through movement. I always appreciated how dance made me feel mentally and physically. When I went to my very first yoga class, I had a vision in my mind of what it would all look like. I would be flowing through poses to peaceful music. Moving my body in ways that were familiar to me. What I actually experienced in the studio that day, was much more powerful than my body or mind had anticipated. I strongly believe that I left that studio a different person. It was a pivotal moment for me.

Over the years, yoga has become not just a physical practice, but a way of life for me. I began to realize that yoga is truly a gift I want to share with others. Attaining my 200 hour yoga teacher training coarse further solidified this. One of the styles of yoga I am most excited to teach is children’s yoga. I believe children benefit from mindfulness and yoga just as much as adults do and I look forward to guiding their young minds on this beautiful journey. I am grateful to learn continuously and be a forever student of yoga. I look forward to being a part of this amazing community in such a way that we can learn and grow together. My desire is to create a space for students that feels inclusive and safe. I encourage you to come as you are and be ready to connect with your mind and body on a deeper level.

Love and light.

Meet Kari


Kari Mueller

My passion for movement began at a young age. From my early childhood on into my high school years I was an avid gymnast. Seeking a fitness routine that would continue to build strength but also maintain my flexibility I decided to try yoga. At that first class I took back in 2006, in a small studio in San Diego, I had no idea what I was doing and I mimicked my way through the 60 minutes. But during Savasana, with the sound of collective breathing reverberating in the room, something shifted. I was overtaken by the power of this shared experience and I left feeling lighter and more connected – to myself, and to others. I was hooked.

As my practice deepend over the years, it started to become clear that yoga was more than just a personal passion — it was my calling. I wanted to share the incredible feeling of empowerment and presence that I have experienced from yoga with as many people as possible. As such, through self-inquiry, physical practice and a 200 hour yoga teacher training course, I gained the tools to bring this practice to my community with confidence. It is my honor to teach yoga and to learn and grow with my students as we create community and connection through this powerful practice. My intention is that students leave class feeling empowered in their practice in such a way that it ripples into all areas of their lives.


Photos courtesy of the Mount Horeb Area Historical Society

The History of Our Space

Located in one of the Village’s most prominent and historic buildings, our space enjoys a rich history. Built in 1895 by the Mount Horeb Opera Block Company, it was originally home to the Village’s opera hall and featured a stage in the center of the west wall, a two story dressing room in the northwest corner, and two stairways on either side of the stage-dressing room area which ascended to a u-shaped balcony. It immediately became the community center, hosting theatrical performances, dances, political rallies, high school commencements, silent films and high school basketball games.

The Mount Horeb Opera Block Company closed the opera hall and dissolved in 1922 at which time Thomas Lingard bought the building and remodeled the opera hall space to serve as a Masonic Temple. The Masonic Lodge first met in Mount Horeb on May 22, 1884. A century later, in 1984, the local Masonic Lodge consolidated with the Verona chapter, and gave up its rooms in the Mount Horeb Opera Block. The space has served a multitude of purposes since then.

Originally built as the community center for the town, we are honored to continue that history through providing a new space for the community to come together and connect.