Class Descriptions

Classes for all skill levels and movement desires.

Gentle Basics

A gentle yoga flow that is wonderful for beginners, those suffering from an injury, students returning from a long break, prenatal or anyone who just wants to slow down. (Students should be able to move up and down to their mat). This class takes a mindful approach, bringing together our breath, asana practice, and mindful meditation. The pace is safe, slow moving, and deliberate and the poses are modified for each student’s abilities. We begin each practice with a time to reflect and be mindful. The closing of our practice will also be a time to ground. No yoga experience needed, come as you are!

Mindfulness Yoga

Mindfulness Yoga is a calmly paced class with an emphasis on gentle movement, sweet stretches, breathing and relaxation. Each class begins with a quiet meditation. Movements are done carefully and slowly with a special attention on the body/mind connection. This class is best for students who seek a quiet, relaxing yoga practice with an emphasis on mindfulness. Also excellent for beginners, those who have physical limitations, or are recovering from illness or injury.


Hatha is a standard asana (posture) practice with emphasis on breath, movement, and meditation. Students will focus on increasing flexibility, strength, and awareness, in order to create balance and harmony within the body and mind. Because this class will move slower than a typical “flow” class, time will be allotted for modifications and variations (more and less advanced), giving you the tools to make this practice your own. All levels welcome.

Slow Flow

Slow Flow is a creative, therapeutic flow designed to bring balance to the body and the mind through holding poses and exploring what each pose has to offer you. When we slow down we relax the nervous system, we focus on our breath, & we become stronger mentally and physically. This class is great for beginners, as well as seasoned practitioners! No yoga experience needed, come as you are!


A seated practice where poses are held anywhere from 1-5 minutes allowing you to work deep into the connective tissues around the joint. Gain flexibility as well as deepen your meditation practice and enhance your yoga practice overall. We offer an assortment of props to accommodate everyone! A wonderful, detoxifying class. Suitable for all levels.

Yin Flow

Yin Flow is for everyone! A mix of slow flow and yin yoga, this class is intended to gently warm the body. Slow flow is a meditative flow that offers mindful movements that are linked with the breath. Yin yoga involves holding passive postures for 1-5 minutes. Intended to help you sit longer and more comfortably in meditation. Suitable for all levels.

Vinyasa Flow

This dynamic class links breath with movement and incorporates a continuous flow of postures fully guided by the instructor. Our Vinyasa Flow classes will allow you to cultivate heat in the body with great music and creative sequences including sun salutations, standing and seated postures, back bending, arm balancing, and more. Step out of your comfort zone and explore the possibilities! Suitable for all levels.

Power Flow

This class is powerful, energetic, creative, and fun! Power Flow is a vinyasa-based class that strengthens, balances and detoxifies your entire body and mind as you move through more challenging postures and connected breath. The teacher will crank the music and guide you through standing, seated, & reclining poses, core isolation, inversions, arm balances & backbends at a slightly more vigorous pace than other classes. Suitable for all levels, but an understanding of postures is recommended.


Come wind down with us after a long day in an incredibly peaceful atmosphere. We will enjoy a slow flow as we watch the sunset through the windows. Relax, stretch, & breathe. Enjoy a long savasana to offer the utmost relaxation. The perfect class for beginners!

Kids Yoga

(For ages 5-8) Traditional yoga poses such as Lion, Tree, and Warrior are brought to life to help kids cultivate a deeper understanding of their environment and themselves while developing strength, flexibility, coordination and balance – in both body and mind. Poses are taught in a way that encourages creativity and exploration, helping to develop greater self-confidence and self-awareness. Students practice pose sequences designed to help them to discover greater comfort in their bodies while boosting self-confidence. As this is a very playful age, the class focuses on games, imagination, stories, and simple practices to introduce the healthful benefits of yoga. No previous yoga experience necessary.

We also offer Corporate, Private, and On/Off-site Group Yoga sessions. Contact for more information!