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Yoga 102: A Five-Week Series to Deepen Your Practice

Thursdays | May 2 – May 30
6:00 – 7:15 PM
Investment: $75



Yoga 102, “Coming Back to Your Mat: Yoga Beyond,” builds upon the foundational instruction of Yoga 101. Great for graduates of Yoga 101 or those who wish to deepen their practice, this 5-week series will further break down common postures, breathwork, and meditation. This series will also take a deeper look into the foundational philosophy of Yoga, covering topics such as the Eight Limbs of Yoga, the five elements of nature, the chakras, and sun salutations. During our final class together, students will design a Yoga sequence that they can practice at home; taking what they have learned as their foundation.
THE EIGHT LIMBS OF YOGA: Our discussion will focus on the philosophy of the Eight Limbs of Yoga and the role that they play in our practice, both on and off of the mat. Sun Salutations are a set of standing sequences which open the front & back body. The movements target the shoulders & hips. One moves in the sequence connecting each movement with one’s breath. There are several variations of Sun Salutation. EIGHT LIMBS OF YOGA by PATANJALI…. PRANAYAMA…. STANDING ASANAS
FIVE ELEMENTS: The Five Elements of Nature form the basic building blocks of the universe, every person, animal, plant, and thing is composed of various combinations of the elements. Arm Supporting Asanas target the upper limbs of the body-hands, arms, shoulders, and upper back. FIVE ELEMENTS…. PRANAYAMA…. ARM SUPPORTING ASANAS
MEDITATION: Quieting the mind plays a very important role in yoga. Meditation will be introduced and practiced. Before coming into Meditation we will take a look at a variety of Sitting Asanas; the hips, pelvis, and lower spine find the earth by putting weight on these in sitting poses/asanas. And, we will look at Kneeling Asanas; where the weight is on the knees, shins, and tops of the feet/toes. Kneeling will bring the practitioner closer to the ground. MEDITATION…. PRANAYAMA…. SITTING ASANAS & KNEELING ASANAS
CHAKRAS Chakras can not be seen by the naked eye or any other device. The ancient texts describe a chakra as a sphere-shaped ball, located in the ‘astral’ spinal cord, which is located deeper within the spinal cord; it rotates to distribute energy throughout one’s body.” One needs to have faith (shraddha) that these whirling discs are within us. From here we will practice asanas in which the front of the body is on the mat (prone) and the asanas in which the back of the body is on the mat (supine). Forward Bends & Back Bends CHAKRAS….PRANAYAMA…. PRONE ASANAS & SUPINE ASANAS
SALUTING THE SUN SURYA NAMASKAR is a sequence of yoga asanas that are usually performed after a warm-up of the body. We will take a look at the many variations of this sequence. Finally, we will put together an entire sequence from the beginning to Savasana. SUN SALUTATIONS ….SEQUENCE PLANNING

New Moon Yin Flow

Step into a space of renewal and intention-setting with Shannon’s monthly New Moon Yin Flow, where the energy of the new moon guides us to plant the seeds of our aspirations. Join us for a transformative 75-minute Yin Flow designed to blend gentle movement with stillness, breathwork (pranayama), meditation, and introspective journaling. During this session, Shannon will guide you through a gentle flow followed by a sequence of yin yoga postures, allowing for both movement and stillness to cultivate a sense of inner peace and balance. As we synchronize our breath with our movements, we will harness the potent energy of the new moon to release stagnant energy and welcome new beginnings. Please bring a journal if you have one that speaks to you. Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or new to the practice, this class offers a nurturing space for self-discovery, growth, and transformation. Embrace the power of the new moon and embark on a journey of inner exploration with us.


Sundays | 5:30-6:15p
April 7, May 5, June 9


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